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Born: September 2, 1947
Arms: 19 inches
Chest: 53 inches
Waist: 30-32 inches

Best Lifts

Some of Mr. Anello's Best Lifts
Squat in training: 750 pounds for three reps
Squat in competition: 750 pounds
Bench press in training: 500 pounds without a shirt
Bench press in competition: 485 pounds
Deadlift in training: 880 pounds
Deadlift in competition: 821 pounds

An eight hundred pound deadlift is a magical accomplishment for anyone, but imagine pulling 800 pounds when you weigh less than 200 pounds. That's almost mythical. Vince Anello did this amazing feat. His best official deadlift was 821 pounds!! His best gym deadlift was a fantastic 880 pounds. Besides being the greatest deadlifter alive, Vince was also a five time world champion in powerlifting and also an accomplished bodybuilder. Out of all of his accomplishments in his career, the one that he is most proud of occured only last summer. On June 28, 1998, he was inducted into the York Barbell Hall of Fame as a powerlifter.

Now Vince is the President of his own company called the Anello Body Fitness. Anello Body Fitness certifies personal fitness trainers both nationally and internationally . Anello Fitness’s unique training methods are designed for the entry level client as well as the elite athlete.

5957 State Road
Parma, OH 44134
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